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HealthBlocks is a global health IT company with the vision of enabling universal healthcare. Worldwide, $260B are lost yearly due to health fraud and inefficiencies affecting more than 100M patients suffering from extreme health costs. We address this through our ecosystem of solutions built on industry-standard technology and infrastructure, meant to provide reliable data integrity, secure data privacy, and seamless data interchange for all.
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HealthPortal is our next generation cloud-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system which facilitates smarter data management and exchange within and between clinics and private practices, thereby improving coordination, cost efficiency and patient safety.

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HealthNetwork is our pioneering Health Information Exchange (HIE). Unlike traditional HIEs, the HealthNetwork is blockchain-based, enabling a decentralized approach that is cheaper, faster and more secure than other solutions.

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Built for mid to large healthcare providers such as hospitals and hospital chains, HealthPortal Pro is an all-in-one hospital management system aimed at delivering all the HealthPortal's capabilities but with additional modules such as accounting, bed and room management, pharmacy management, and human resource management (HR), to name a few.

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HealthWallet is a cross-platform mobile application specifically created to empower patients to manage and secure their personal health records. Patients can view and download their lab tests, imaging results and prescriptions; patients can grant and revoke access to their records in real-time; patients can search and locate nearby health facilities. All at their fingertips.

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HealthBlocks has amassed a multitude of successes through the years, being featured in publications and conferences such as E-Health Summit 2017 (Manila, Philippines) and HIMSCON2017 (Taguig, Philippines), and winning awards most recently in the ASEAN's Next Great Idea (Grand Winner) competition in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, and in the Blockchain Virtual GovHack (First Runner Up), in Dubai, UAE.


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